Philippe’s Success

We’re very happy to update you on Philippe’s progress in his job at the Scafell Hotel in the Lake District. He has been promoted to Commis Chef, and says, “I don’t need anymore than this – it’s the dream life NOW!”

You can read his whole story here.

Jo and Andrew at tPhillipe cookinghe Scafell Hotel say that “Philippe is a hard worker, talented chef with a wonderful sense of humour who makes everyone laugh.” This won’t come as a surprise to our volunteers!

Jo and Andrew believe that hotels are a perfect answer to helping the homeless gain employment, as many provide accommodation,which one of the main missing links. They have also recruited Vit, who was one of our guests, as well as two other Booth Centre clients. You can read more from them here.


They have contacted the British Hospitality Association about what they’re doing, and the BHA are looking at rolling out a nationwide scheme later this year.


4 thoughts on “Philippe’s Success

  1. This has made my day! Fantastic news. Well done Philippe, you thoroughly deserve every good luck and happiness. Such a lovely young lad who we had the privilege to meet and work with. We are so proud of you. Well done to all involved.


  2. What a fantastic ending after a poor start. It was great getting to know you Philippe on the night shelter project. Good luck for the future. Lynn


  3. Congratulations on your success Phillippe. This is fantastic news.
    Ccngratulations to Jo and Andrew too for giving Phillippe, Vit and others the break that they needed.
    Small acts = big changes.


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